Capitol One Visa Card: The perfect card for less than perfect credit

If you have less than perfect credit, a Capitol One Visa card could be the right card for you. Capital One, was founded in 1995. It soon rose from the level of a local bank card issuer to the top of the U.S. credit card industry. It currently has a global customer base of 46.6 million. It transacts loans amounting to $73.4 billion. With their pioneering information technology efforts, the issuers of Capitol One Visa Card are in a prime position to pilot the financial services marketplace throughout this century as make great credit card deals available to the people.

One of the top 10 issuers of credit card in the US , Capitol one Visa card deals with over 25 million accounts. Most people think of Capitol One as a company that deals with secured credit cards. However, they are also made their foray into the unsecured market as well. A secured credit card is one in which the card holder should keep a deposit at the bank. This is in order to settle any unpaid arrears. Usually, the interest rates are higher and the credit limits lower. The aim here is to build up good credit and repair credit that is bad. This idea is also to encourage the card holder to move away from the secured card, and go to the traditional, unsecured card.

With Capitol One Visa Card, the goal is to establish good credit. So you have to be extra careful on your account. Get total travel flexibility with capitol one go miles card. Fly free for as few as 9000 miles on your card. Fly any airline any time. There is no blackout date. You can swap miles for cash, merchandise and more. You can transfer balances and get 500 miles.


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