Diners Club Charge Card - Dining and shopping made easier

When it comes to hefty shopping or dining out one finds a credit card handy. The Diners Club Charge Card created with the radical idea that the same card could be used to pay a variety of businessmen who were in the habit of extending credit to their customers, or permitting them to establish charge accounts. Diners Club Charge Card created in 1950's with the support of Frank X McNamara Ralph Sneider and Alfred Bloomingdale came to the limelight as the only autonomous credit card firm in the globe.

Now, Diners Club Charge Card is a branch of Citibank, a unit of Citi-group, with increased accessibility to all types of merchants instead of being limited to restaurants. Diners Club Carte Blanche card, an upscale type of Diners Club Charge card has also been introduced recently. It is a top level charge card at par with the American Express Platinum card. The credit card is worth the 300 dollar annual fee and offers a wide menu of perks geared toward wealthy travellers. It is received wherever ordinary Diners Club cards are received.

The Diners Club Charge Card is a unique offer for those with first-class credit that provide some bonanza ; the customer discounts and privileges for availing it at thousands of cuisines and other small outlets earning rewards. With this most sought after Diners Club Charge Card you can get up to 20% savings on your entire bill. This is apt card for those who dine out frequently for work or pleasure. It provides less than 12,000 extra Miles on any major U.S. airline when you apply for a Diners Club Card and use your Card once each month to make a qualified purchase on your new Diners Club Card during your first year of membership. That's 2,000 Club Rewards points per month up to a total of 24,000 that makes it really economical.

The Diners Club Charge Cards provide travel emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week The wide range of 800,000 ATMs worldwide provides instant cash access. Personal assistance with reservations, tickets, personal shopping etc can be obtained using the card. You gain access to more than 82 Diners Club International Airport Lounges in 27 countries.

Financial Flexibility is the main credit being given to the Diners Club Charge cards. The quite attracting feature of this card is that You can enjoy no pre-set spending limit with up to 62 days to pay without penalties. All these make Diners Club Charge Card to the zeniths of high demand and remain as the fore runner among its competitors.


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