Which of the airline credit cards out there are right for me?

Airline credit cards are credit cards that have been issued by various airlines or credit card companies working in cooperation with the airlines. These cards offer special services and discounts to those who use air travel often. The key point to all airline credit cards is their bonus mile programs. While these programs vary from one card to the next, the basic idea is that for every dollar amount you spend you will earn what are called "bonus miles", which can be saved up to use for your next business trip or vacation.

Most airline credit cards will offer a low introductory APR (often a 6 month 0% introductory APR) as well as a very low annual fee (most are under 100 dollars, some offer NO annual fee as well). If you shop around, you'll find that airline credit cards often offer very competitive programs, such as point programs toward flights, hotel stays, cruises, car rentals and vacation packages.

Often you'll find that airline credit cards will offer you bonus miles just for signing up. This can be anywhere from 1000 miles to 10000 miles or they might offer their customers other incentives for signing up such as merchandise or merchant certificates.

You'll find that the majority of airline credit cards offer a variety of special services to entice potential customers, such as priority airport parking or free car rentals and choosing the best airline credit cards is not often an easy task. You should take the time to check out all of the different airline credit cards available, before choosing one, weighing all the options, such as the APR or annual fee, what sort of benefits each offer and whether or not the services and benefits offered are actually pertinent to you.

Once you have checked out several, and noted all of the pros and cons, you will be in a better position to choose the very best airline credit card for your own needs and situation. You'll find airline credit cards offer many benefits for the frequent traveller and by choosing the best one according to your own travelling habits; you could save yourself a bundle of money on your next travel arrangements.


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