An Instant Credit Report is a Fast and Easy Way to Check on Your Credit Rating

If you want to apply for a mortgage, or maybe even buy a car; you will need to know what your credit rating is. In the financial world, your credit rating is your reputation, if your rating is suffering, you may not be approved for those purchases that you need or want. One way to check on your credit is to do an instant credit report. With an instant credit report you will know in seconds where your credit rating stands.

There are a number of online sites that will allow you to do an instant credit report. Many of these websites require a small fee for using their services, and they require you to register your information on their system. However, a number of these websites will allow you to try out their services for free for a 30 day trial membership period.

By getting an instant credit report through one of these websites you will get one report with the information from three credit bureaus combined into one report. This is an important feature because often the information that the different bureaus have, will be different, and some companies only check one report when doing a credit check on you.

It is a good idea to check your credit report once in awhile to be sure that you know what your credit standing is. An instant credit report is a quick and easy way to do this. When you check your credit report, be sure to check that you address on the report is the same as your currant address. If the address differs, this is an early indication of identity theft and something to be looked into immediately.

Also, when you do an instant credit report be sure to check for discrepancies between the report and your actual current situation. If your situation has changed, for example you have paid out a debt, be sure that the credit report reflects this; if it does not you will have to contact the company immediately to correct any discrepancies.

An instant credit report is an excellent tool for conducting periodic reviews on your credit rating and keeping it current.