Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Credit cards have quickly become the most common method of payment for most consumers. Unfortunately, credit card fraud is also becoming more and more common. Credit card fraud can be very scary to individuals, and also very damaging to one's credit rating. A few simple precautions can protect you from experiencing credit card fraud.

With the ever increasing use of online shopping, there is now an increased risk of credit card fraud. However, shopping online can be very safe if you remember to only purchase items from a secure site. Never give personal information or credit card numbers to a website that is not secure! Also, do not use password memorizers, or other tools to automatically remember your credit card number on your computer.

When you are shopping in a physical store and paying with your credit card, do not let your card out of your sight, even for a minute! Keep a close eye on your credit card, and get it back as soon as you can. If your card leaves your sight, the number could be copied for future credit card fraud.

Be sure to never give out your credit card number on the phone unless you initiate the phone call and know exactly who you are calling. Do not send your credit card number via email; it could end up in the wrong person's hands. One very simple step to prevent credit card fraud is to simply sign your credit cards as soon as you receive them.

When you receive your credit card statements, check them immediately for any unauthorized purchases, or anything that seems strange, or suspect. Report your suspicions immediately to your credit card company and tell them that you suspect credit card fraud. Usually your liability for unauthorized purchases will be only $50, and often the company will waive that fee.

You can protect yourself from credit card fraud by taking a few precautions and exercising common sense and good judgment. You do not have to be afraid to use your credit card.